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Credit score ranges: excellent, good, fair, poor

Excellent credit score = 740 – 850: Anything in the mid 700’s and higher is considered excellent credit and will be greeted by easy credit approvals and the very best interest rates. consumers with excellent credit scores have a delinquency rate of approximately 2%.

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What does your credit score mean? In this chart, we take a look at what goes into having excellent, very good, good, fair, bad and very bad credit. is based on the most common credit scoring range.

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Credit Score Ranges - What Your Credit Score Means What is your credit score range with Equifax? equifax provide credit scores out of 700, and define a good credit score as anything that’s 420 or above. You can see all their classifications in the table below.

Credit scores, based on the FICO scoring system (stands for Fair Isaac Corporation), range from 300 to 850 and as you would expect, the higher the score the better. The things go like this: – If you have a score ranged between 760-849, you won’t have a problem with bank rates and terms, as you will get the best proposals, because it’s an.

With a fair credit score, your score lands you right between a poor credit score and a good score. And while it’s better than poor, it’s not good, and can cost you in higher interest rates and poorer terms for loans and credit cards you are approved for or not getting approved for loans or credit cards altogether.

The Credit Score Ranges Now that we’ve covered why credit scores are important and what goes into making a credit score, let’s take a look at the credit score ranges. The average credit score in the U.S. has risen in recent years but we’re still far from a world in which everyone has excellent credit.

The general guidelines for what FICO qualifies as poor or excellent credit scores are just that – guidelines. Lenders may have different specifications for what they consider to be good or bad credit, and they could have unique requirements when determining which applications to accept and what terms and rates to offer.

To the surprise of some, there is no official definition of what constitutes a good credit score. scores are often described as excellent, good, fair, and poor by those in the. had with scores in.

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